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Title : Guidelines for MPO Practical Examinations 2020
Publish Date : 30 Sep 2020
Description : Guidelines for MPO Practical Examinations -2020
Viva Test
The viva will be conducted through Google meet. Candidates are advised to download the same prior to the commencement of Practical Examinations.
Candidate needs to have a computer with a webcam or Smart Phone with a Front Camera along with a sturdy internet connection. 
Candidate should be in formal dress during the Examinations.
 Candidates are advised to sit in a quiet room with good lighting. Avoid sitting in front of a window as it influences the light.
Candidates should prepare themselves for multiple-choice questions /one-word answer /filling the blanks, or subjective types question for ½ hour duration.
While submission the answer makes sure the candidate should only need to do so once, but if you have a problem, try once more. If you still have a problem submitting the test, let your internal examiner/ invigilator know immediately, and send your intended answers in an attached document in the returned mail.
The candidate is expected to answer questions asked by the examiners. The practical examinations will be conducted between candidates and Examiners virtually present at their respective locations.
Practical Record (Log Book)
Candidates must submit their Logbook (Practical Record file) duly signed by the concerned faculties one day before the scheduled date of the respective subject of practical examination online in PDF format only.
Project work
During the examination of the project, work candidate must submit the PowerPoint prepared in white background with black letters in Times Roman font. Avoid multiple fonts’ sizes of the letter in the PPT. No color letters are allowed except the images in the PPT for the project work examination.
Candidate must submit his/her duly signed complete thesis on or before 19th Oct 2020 through online in PDF format at
The videos of the viva/ PPT presentation will be recorded and stored for evaluation purposes.
(For any query related to   your participation through online (Google meet) may please contact Mr. Anoop Sharma, IT Consultant, PDUNIPPD, Mobile no- 9811631545)
Examinations Supt. (MPO)
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