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Aims and Objectives

To actualize the potential of every person with locomotor disability and to ensure him/her equal opportunities, equal rights to lead a qualitative life to protect their rights and full participation in the society, with committed professionalism, accessible environment, positive attitudes and appropriate, affordable, acceptable and available technological interventions.
To optimally enable persons with Locomotor Disabilities by quality interventions that go beyond their medical needs and to provide him/her need based comprehensive rehabilitation through team approach facilitating inclusion, ensuring empowerment of their families and by substantiating field based research and development of human resources, so as to achieve their social and economic independence, train Rehabilitation Professionals and undertake Research.
Key Objectives

  • To undertake the training of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Prosthetists & Orthotists and other such professionals needed for providing services to the persons with disabilities.
  • To offer education, training, work-adjustment and such other rehabilitation services as the society may deem fit to persons with orthopaedic disabilities with or without associated mental retardation.
  • To undertake the manufacture and distribution of such aids and appliances as are needed for the education, training and rehabilitation of the persons with disabilities.
  • To provide such other services as may be considered appropriate for promoting the education and rehabilitation of the disabled persons, including organizing meetings, seminars and symposia.
  • To undertake, initiate, sponsor or stimulate research aimed at developing more effective techniques for the education and rehabilitation of the persons with disabilities.
  • To co-operate with national, regional or local agencies in research or such other activities as may be designed to promote the development of services for the persons with disabilities.
  • To undertake or sponsor such publications as may be considered appropriate.
  • To do such other things as may be necessary or incidental to the realization of the above objectives.


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