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Seema Puri Satellite Center
About Satellite Centre Seemapuri
Satellite center Seemapuri is an extension center with aim of Community based rehabilitation center  working under Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya National Institute for Persons with Physical Disabilities (Divyangjan) since November 2015 located at Basti Vikas Kendra, Pushta Indira Nehru Camp Between Dilshad Garden, Seemapuri, Delhi-110095 (Opposite Seemapuri Bus Depot). It has following Rehabilitation services.
1.   Physiotherapy           
2.    Occupational Therapy                                  
3.   Prosthetic and Orthotics
4.    Audiometry & Speech therapy                        
 5.   Psychological Counselling           
 6.   Social Work
Along with these services it also conducts awareness and assessment camps, aids and appliances distribution camps, Job fairs and self employment camps in collaboration with other NGOs and Institutes.
The main objective of satellite centre is to create the infrastructure required for providing service to loco-motor and other PWDs. This centre shall function as outreach centre of the Apex level Institute, i.e. Pt. Deendayal Upadhayaya National Institute for Persons with Physical Disability (Divyangjan), New Delhi. The centre serves as a resource centre for Rehabilitation of PWDs such as:
Physiotherapy services to be provided to the persons with disabilities and with disabling disorders with the help of exercise therapy, heat therapy, cold therapy, hydrotherapy, electro therapy etc.
Occupational Therapy
The Occupational therapy services to be provided in the form of coordination training fine skill training, simulating hand exercises, activities of daily living, reflex therapy etc.
Prosthetics and Orthotics
The tailor made aids and appliances to be provided to rehabilitate the persons with disabilities and according to the individual needs, which are being fabricated in the Prosthetics and Orthotics workshop of the Institute. Readymade appliances will also be provided in order to improve mobility of the persons with locomotor impairments.
Speech and Hearing Unit
The speech and hearing unit provide services like hearing test and speech therapy using latest equipments including speech trainer and audiometry machine
Social Work and Vocational counselling
To provide guidance to person with disability about various scheme related to divyanjan as per requirement. To conduct awareness program about rehabilitation and empowerment of divyangjan in association with other NGO’s and institutions.
  Total old & New Patients Department Wise
Year P&O Psy. Social Worker Speech Therapy & Hearing PT OT Total No of Supportive Cases New Patient Follow-up Cases No. of Camp No-of Beneficiaries
102 41 91 69 272 244 819 371 230 14 1914
2016-17 273 175 307 203 468 556 2009 722 600 14  
2017-18 221 170 698 200 853 630 2772 1046 434 19 2072
2018-19 446 Post vacant 2710 314 1548 182/Post vacant 5200 1005 976 18 3338
2019-20 450 Post vacant 394 206 987 Post Vacant 4497 1087 2763 7 2128
2020-21 139 Post vacant 221 225 588 Post Vacant 1173 395 478 - -

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